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Rfid Smart Reader
Rfid Smart Reader
Rfid Smart Reader

We have our own factory , there have advanced equipment, and professional teams.

Seamlessly manage your cattle and herd with our electronic animal ear tags!

Whether you are in a livestock industry or running a company to manage a herd, you must encounter a need to tag animals. Thus, Raybaca IOT Technology Co., Limited can help you to resolve this issue.

We are a quality Chinese livestock ear tags and offer electronic tags for the maintenance and remembrance of animals. We have a team of designers that make flawless tags to help consumers to use them with ease.

Our vision

Our vision as electronic ear tags for cattle manufacturers is to offer our clients tags that are worth appreciation due to their high-quality and animal id microchip features. As an experienced animal microchip-making company, we aim to establish brand loyalty by acquiring experts and expertise that have an unparalleled sense of reliability and passion within their work commitments.

Our Offerings:

We offer various kinds of animal ear tags that include:

Why Customers Choose Us


We believe that having the right resources can provide excellent support to our expertise in terms of providing quick and logical solutions to our clients. As a result, we provide each of our experts with a computer unit that is linked to a supervisory station.

Balance Between Price and Quality

We strike balance between pricing and quality. We make sure we offer a market competitive price without compromising on quality. Due to this unique balance, we convert first-time customers into repeat buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a sound and Can it be turned off?

Yes, a beep sound is there that can be turned off in the settings

Do you receive bulk quantity?

As an online supplier, we receive and deliver bulk quantity orders as we normally cater to B2B buyers

Raybaca IOT Technology Co., Ltd

Raybaca IOT Technology Co., Ltd.is established in 2009 ,11 years experience in RFID manufacturing ,specialized in RFID production, sale of RFID products in IOT, and relevant RFID system software projects’ development and service.

Rfid Smart Reader

Assurance Of Certificate

To ensure the quality and stability of the products, we use the most advanced production and testing equipment.

RFID Products In IOT

We have our own factory, there has advanced equipment and professional teams.