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Raybaca IOT

Raybaca IOT Technology Co., Ltd.is established in 2009 ,11 years experience in RFID manufacturing ,specialized in RFID production, sale of RFID products in IOT, and relevant RFID system software projects’ development and service.


Who is Raybaca IOT?

Since the establishment, the company has operated self-owned brand: Raybaca ,possessing leading and solid technology strength in the development of technology and software system in RFID software products. We have our own factory , there have advanced equipment,and professional teams. we can supply OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)and ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) .If you want to customized ,our Designer and producer will meet your needs. Welcome to Raybaca World and built Win-Win cooperation.

Hardware: RFID ear tag: cattle, sheep, pig, Chicken, Frequency: LF/HF/UHF HDX/NFC Visual ear tag Implanted Handheld reader: pet reader , fixed reader, long-range reader Android Mobile PDA terminal GPS tracking Foot ring: chicken foot ring, Pigeon foot ring, cattle cluster foot ring Automatic Wight Scale: sheep and cattle Implanted microchip syringe:2.12*12mm, 1.4*8mm 1.25*7mm and etc.

Software: Management of animal health file Animal husbandry Veterinary system Food traceability platform Livestock trading platform Livestock breeding platform Pig farm breeding management system Cattle management system Sheep management system GPS system


To ensure the quality and stability of the products, we use the most advanced production and testing equipment,

We have the ICAR(International Committee for Animals Recording) certificate.

CE certificate (CONFORMITY EUROPEENNE) and another certificate in china.


Quality product performance and good reputation, our products are not only successful sales in China and have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world, including Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries, but the products are also subject to a great welcome and praise.