Electronic Ear Tags For Cattle

3 Crucial Tips For Cattle Identification

3 Crucial Tips For Cattle Identification

For cattle identification, farm owners, ranchers, and producers have a range of options. Cattle in a herd are identified using electronic ear tags, RFID tags, and plastic or vinyl ear tags. The type of tags they use is determined by their requirements and preferences.

Considerations For Cattle Identification:

Size and Style:

Ear tags are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Sizes might range from 2′′ H x 5/8′′ W (Small) to 4 3/4′′ H x 3′′ W (Large), depending on the manufacturer and size of tag required (Maxi or Large). Tags come in a variety of shapes, from rectangular to square to almost triangular. It is hard to know exactly which tag will work best for your purposes because there are so many shapes and sizes. Different tags are used for different types of cattle identification pruposes.

Smaller tags are usually reserved for calves and other small animals. For fully matured, mature cattle, larger and maxi size tags are best. Keep in mind that tiny tags can be difficult to see from a distance. If you have trouble reading ear tags while out in the field, consider using a larger-sized ear tag for your little cattle.

It is up to the maker to decide whether to use a two-piece ear tag or a one-piece ear tag. The male and female components of a two-piece ear tag are separated to affix the ear tag to the animal. There are fewer pieces to lose with a one-piece ear tag because everything is linked. Cattle with one-piece tags are thought to have fewer ear infections. To assist prevent infections, most brands apply an antibacterial substance on the male part.

Electronic Ear Tags For Cattle

Color Of Ear Tag:

Consider the following factors when selecting a color for your tags:

  1. From afar, how well will the black text contrast on the tag? With a standard blank ink marker and numbering system, darker tags can be difficult to see. It could be easier to read the darker tag with a white ink marker. For easier readability from a distance, use a black ink marking pen on lighter colored tags.
  2. How do you want to divide and arrange the flock? A special hue is used by some farmers to show the year. Other farmers use different colors to distinguish between bull and heifer calves. When sorting cow and calf pairings, it is helpful to tag calves with the same ID number as their mothers. When the calves are weaned, they will be given their unique ID number.

Numbered Tags vs. Blank Tags:

Animal ear tags can be numbered or left blank. Ear Tags with a set of numbers already printed on them are known as numbered ear tags. Producers write their numbering scheme on blank ear tags with a tag marking markers. For enhanced visibility, marking pens and markers can be trimmed to a specific width or angle.

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