What To Expect About Shopping In 2032?

Over the past two years, the shopping retail industry has grown faster than we expected. E-commerce, as well as other digital channels, is focused on growing new business practices and changing expectations. While we will not be transporting the flying car to our favorite store anytime soon, we are changing the shopping experience quickly. This is what we expect in 2032:

E-commerce will be your main marketing channel

Looking forward to shopping in digital form only for most of your clothing, accessories and other shopping needs. Over the next 10 years, I expect e-commerce to account for 60% of total U.S. consumer revenue (up from 21% today) and affect 90% of the market capitalization (from 70% today to 80%). We are entering the second phase of digital expansion – emerging from the first 20 years of digital turmoil, which is rewarding early careers and is on the business side of many companies.

By 2032, digital will be the most important part of their business, and the non-related industries today — car and parts, luxury stores, furniture / home furniture, building, etc. their digital status, and direction. . As a result, we will see new, immersive marketing, targeted social media, digital experience, RFID smart reader, and more accurate and personalized marketing than ever before.

Intelligence and robotics will win

By 2032, you should expect food stores to open only across the U.S., where clothing and electronics retailers will announce a collection period of less than five minutes. Many retailers, the type of computer will control the installation and configuration of the product, and the store will be wiped out by robots. In addition, vendors will use the MFC robotic (Micro Fulfillment Center) to pick up products from the store.

In 10 years, 6 of the top 10 retailers will have a large team to support their “employees” plastic and their employees. Specific robotic cases will continue to be defined as manufacturing costs fall and reliability and technology capabilities improve. This will help the vendors to work more efficiently, even though most of it will be hidden behind the scenes, after hours and in the supply chain. Other than this, medical science will improve in the coming year like the transformation of RFID injectable transponders for animals. 

You will say goodbye to your phone

The phone will disappear as a stand-alone device; retailers will be fully immersed in the virtual world, and we will see wearable screens embedded in clothing, small invisible headphones to wear on the go, as well as digital covers for us with embedded mirrors and real contacts. This new technology along with a wireless RFID reader will allow for a strong connection of the digital and physical sectors to the marketing process. You will be able to incorporate the digital world into your daily life and connect to the store network to interact, browse and view while storing or roaming. Real-time data such as price, promotion and product availability will be covered over the real world. Application as an idea will last, but the next experience will be more integrated.

You will have new delivery prospects

Many cities could offer a 30-minute drone delivery by 2032, but surprisingly the role of anti-brick and mortar stores is still important. Shipping capacity will continue to be limited, many packages will be shipped within two to three days to manage cost, but you can opt for a faster delivery. Drones and one-day delivery will focus on retailers having local stores and can be delivered immediately to those stores.

You still have to shop inside the store, but that experience will change

By 2032, 50% of the trademark will be dark stores, kiosks, pickup, and small labels (less than 4,000 square feet) as the store is redesigned for digital success. Brick shops and furniture stores will still be shopping, but there will still be a customized storefront. Many will act as a non-contact shopping experience, providing an elevated area or traditional installations and product displays. Experience must be kept in mind that dedicated robot dealers will bring customized shopping.

Growth in trade indicates that there is no sign of a slowdown as retailers strive to keep up with changing business interests and expectations. In many cases, these changes are permanent because we already know the simplicity, speed and quality. The future shopping experience will take precedence over all three, where you combine the best of both physical and digital worlds.

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