RFID Pets Microchip Transponder Syringe

High Quality Animal Microchip Manufacturer in China

Raybaca IOT Technology Co., Limited is a top Chinese animal microchip supplier. With a sound manufacturing facility and top designers, we are arguably at the top position in supplying high-class and useful pet microchips.

Apart from chips we also offer animal id microchip. We always offer quality product performance and thus, enjoy good reputation.

Our products like an animal id microchip and others are successful not only in China but beyond. We have been exported our ear tags and animal microchips to over 100 regions across the globe, including Japan, Italy, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, India, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and others. All our pet microchips are making headlines and getting praise.

Why Choose Our Pet Microchips

No Harm to Pets

Your customers can safely and quickly inject the animal microchip under the surface of the pet’s skin. Also, dog microchip contains no internal energy source. With RFID manufacturing technology, dog or pet microchips will work all the time and will give no harm to pets.

How to Microchip

We provide instruction sheets on the cat microchip and other animal microchips.

Worldwide Unique ICAR Code

Global unique ICAR code would support your customers in pet traveling abroad and tracking management.

What Sets us Apart

Internationally Compliant

We adhere to all the regulatory compliance to operating as a responsible animal id microchip supplier. You can visit our products section and find your needs and you would find all the regulatory compliant products.

Manage Pets with Our Pet Microchips

Keep your animals protected and safe with our animal id microchips. Our RFID microchips offer your pet a unique experience of returning home to you if ever stolen or lost. For seamless pet management, Electronic Ear Tags, our animal microchip is a must.

Experienced animal microchip supplier

Since 2009, we are continuously serving our customers with our flawless animal microchip. With the experience of over two decades, we know what the market demands. We have the pet id microchip that can be used for years.

So, if you need a reliable pet microchip supplier, then contact us now!

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